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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  February 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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minutes just ahead. what more places are now doing to make sure they will have
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good at morning. thanks for waking up with us. my name is wayne dawson. good morning the outside the groundhog. let's take a look at the
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pretty apparent the system will develop and head north which meansh we stay in the northern sector. we're not anticipating much t temperatures along the ohio river already coming up close to 40 degrees. the warm front pushes north and temperatures price was some pretty strong went over at night. it is 5:30 a.m. before you hit west one 40th.
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closures. no issues as you head into town and 90 on the east side i also looks good. our drive times have been unencumbered out there. seventy-one from strongsville looks good to for 90. wayne and kristi. a person driving the wrong way out will haved a cause of the head-on collision on i 71 this morningt we are just now claimed the scene here is the final thing to do than they will reopen the lanes on i 71.
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shut chief jeff chief jeff damage both drivers of both cards were pronounced dead sheets had to be placed over the vehicles to cover the bodies in the medical examiner did arrive once wevv there was glass everywhere put the scene should be pretty clear. set of sorts of the iowa caucus is going to become so runner.
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in the air with more on the results. what a night. it all across the state of iowa. on the democratic side the race is now downwn to hillary clinton in bernie sanders after part in martin o'malley suspended his presidential campaign. a the lows to too close to call last night for having such a tight race. i think about what i think the people of iowa has sent a very profound messageeo from the political establishment.
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months ted crews squirt a surprise victory. but the republican nominee in the next next president of the unitednt states will not be chosen by thato mediate. it was an upset for trumpet itt may not have been much of a shock after he h skipped out on last week's debate. going ahead we to have a smaller fieldld in the and indications that they may do the same before next week. i i don't know. is possible they've they vardy paid this season that got the groundwork goingi i there area
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carolina. the site of the iowa caucuses last night. we appreciate your report. just getting up it is 5:38 a.m. filling up fast.
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if you haven't figured it out now it's groundhog day. thank you for joining us you knowin we do here on fox 8 we do weather and traffic every eight minutes. let's start with scott sabol. look at these temperatures now. most ofr us and lower and middle 20s all the way downe into central i ohio. pretty heavy phallus clouding back over notice the heavier prostates south and we start to see some of the push into southern illinois working along theomom warm front and looking to higher by mid- evening will keep prettyan cool. it's going to get pretty windy and rainy tonight with rumbles ofru thunder possible we stay near 50 today low 50s early tomorrow in the temperatures begin to fall through the 40s
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wednesday and some light snow some spotty snail smart night into thursday notice the temperatures really don't get partake heading into the upcoming we can it won't be until next week that reproduce the arctic cold front late monday night and that from the temperatures are going to trend a lot colder then be looking at some 20s by next week. otherwise looking relatively mild. >> thank you very much. please be able to get a meal and downtown cleveland when the republican national convention comes to done it's going to be tough. todd meany is here to talk about food. we mentioned last week a twitter has reserved the greenhouse tavern for the entire rncas we have learned that hodges
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well. she was in town for thanksgiving and readings to deals with the rethink with all the people expected downtown there would be an needpeop according to them the later part of the restaurantsc report this is the best course of action. :-) parties and cocktail hours plane andt makes it easier for restaurants to get ahead of the game.e. there's a lot of capacity for people coming down for work or here there will be plenty of options. c you may want to do some people watching.. not only is there restaurant business getting the attention of the catering side of this is
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scheduled part of the driftwood restaurant for the week before and the week during the rnc who will be a lot going on placesn for us to eat if we want to come downtown plenty of reservations to make some money from some of the big groups. that may be reserving restaurants down the road. we will keep you posted. your time not is 5:44 a.m. chipotle cleaning up with the company is doing to get back on the good side of customers following an e. coli outbreak. designer babies the father to describing a plan to edit the genetics and embryos. patty harkin will have more on
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welcome back. i am patty harkin. we are set to grow up in sky fox this morning some things on that accident we had at west one 40th it was a fatal accident. police have just about cleared
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still there all lanes are open out west one 40th definitely some goodh news for your morning two people to parish in this early morning crash. will give you all of this details. it's been pretty chilly with the lack of cloud cover is dropped into the lower and middle 20s counter cleveland that's going to change later today the return of rain and will get very windy over here tonight as the temperatures will start to fall pay mid-to-late morning and we are still highlighting if you go to my facebook fan page we spent looking at the overall pattern
5:44 am mid- february outlook is highly trending for below normale temperatures much you get into the middle of february the normal high crimes from 35-37 even upper 20s would cause highs below normal. right now we are in the 20s which is different with the clear skyw currently at 27 and mentor at 25. this is been the track from a systems the last weekhe north of northern ohio. this is one from was through the freighter today it's going to getom the winds will begin to increase it's very little chance
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sometime after sunset. by tomorrow morning most of this rain should be to the we start to the lower 50s and quickly fall through the 40s and upper 30s look at the push of colder air coming in behind the front. we're not looking at major amounts generally under an inch. the cold air is going to start to refloat heading into the middle of februaryt hour window for arctic outbreaks begin to close you head into the latter half of february and the
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into the 40s.s. that's a good sign. his the middle of february digits here and next week is going to be televised strong push of arctic air for this seasontr was see how it works out. doesn't really onesies snow. in the news this morning although the cause is still unknown sales for the food chain spite 5 percent after dozens of customers in several states reported gettingal sick after eating at chipotle restaurants. there planning deep discounts for the upcoming super bowl
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stiff competition. they made some big gains on monday after they filled back some ofle their most secret of and for the first timeir they showed at the sale status from its experimental ventures rise and shine. itit is 5:52 a.m. weather and traffic every eight
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britain's fertility regulator has approved research to genetically edit human embryos it's to try to understand the genes that embryos needs to develop successfully thing to savei his research could lead tod treatments for inherited diseases however critics warrant
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genetically modified babies. both of posted the virus it's arty promoted the hatchback but officials say they are considering the name change. it's spread to at least 24 countries. there time not is 5:55 a.m. the check in with scott sabol for a check on weather. five minutes until 6:00 a.m. we should push well into the 50s later today. rain will develop this evening windy and rainy tonight. rumbles of thunder as the front of approaches will stay above 50 today and stay at the 50 early tomorrow that will be short-lived as the temperatures
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fronta t very little in the wake of arctic air in place as low 40s sunday and monday that will be the arctic front i think it's going to be below normal for quite a long timet' after that. it is 5:56 a.m. weather and traffic just ahead. a new jersey man used a book t willful park through went over a cheerleader. why he was reluctant to give it back. patty will have your latest
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you would expect it to come with aa hefty funding. seventy-one years paris to more
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football through the years is checked out it's back on the shelveso he brought the book back in june of 1,944th his daughter was covered in cleanup somecl of this keepsakes she found the bow she tried to tell himd call the library they he was a little apprehensive good news for right he will not be going to jail on the library system caps on on overdue bookson at $10. the news at 6:00 a.m. begins right now.
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